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Next public workshop: 25th-26th October 2006
Cost: From £495 per person per day

Powersim Studio public training courses

Powersim run rich and informative 2-day public training courses for both new and existing users of Powersim Studio, covering basic, intermediate and advanced techniques for using the tool. The courses are led by an expert consultant in dynamic simulation implementation, and are facilitated here in our offices in Guildford, Surrey.

Our public courses usually have two to eight attendees from a variety of roles, backgrounds and industries, which can help to bring a rich dynamic to the workshop. We ask you to bring specific examples from your own projects to make the training more relevant to your business need. Should you need further expert guidance, we’ll be on-hand to provide it following training.

Public course content includes:

  • Introduction to dynamic modelling
  • Introduction to the Powersim Studio modelling environment
  • Model construction
  • Modelling intangibles
  • Multiple dimensionality
  • Key functions and techniques
  • Data exchange
  • Interface objects
  • Scenario analysis

Details of our advanced public courses are available on request in which detailed interface design, distribution of simulations and advanced tips and tricks are covered. These one-day courses are suitable for analysts and consultants who are competent in modelling in Powersim but who wish to gain an additional, powerful edge to their models.

Training ServicesPowersim Studio bespoke training for consultants and managers

Powersim runs in-depth, interactive training workshops to take consultants and managers to a range of levels of expertise in dynamic simulation. Run on a bespoke, in-house basis for high-powered teams, its ‘Practical Business Simulation for Consultants and Managers’ workshop offers a blend of benefits to:

  • those requiring an executive overview for use in practical dynamic facilitation, selling and commissioning work and liaison with modellers (in contrast with most courses concerning dynamic-simulation tools);
  • self-taught practitioners wishing to develop a more robust capability in dynamic modelling for their client work and
  • practitioners upgrading from Powersim Constructor or another simulation tool.
Latest developments in business-simulation training

Powersim works strongly from a dynamics-of-strategy perspective rather than from the more traditional (and considerably less constructive or insightful) 'systems thinking' perspective. The team also includes several core topics from the field of strategy simulation; and in particular we demonstrate and discuss some strategy simulations from our previous client work. Participants are encouraged to work on issues of their own choice using expert help, and we use two facilitators to enable this multi-track delivery.

Participants leave this intensive, three-day training workshop with:

  • a solid grounding in the principles and best practice of dynamic business simulation,
  • personal, repeated experience in the process of recognising real-world dynamic problems, diagnosing their behaviour and representing them in the leading business-simulation tool and
  • a practical understanding of the leading-edge business-simulation facilities now available to them.

The course includes several examples on which participants experiment, building model structures and diagnosing dynamic behaviour. Participants are encouraged to use examples from their own areas of interest in developing their expertise.

The course culminates in an exercise in which participants build a simple simulation in the area of their choice, supported by expert practitioners from Powersim.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Why use dynamic simulation?
  • Core concepts of dynamic simulation: accumulation and feedback
  • Units in Powersim Studio
  • Building blocks of dynamic simulation
  • Modelling human resources: delays and aging chains
  • Modelling operational processes: inventory and stock control
  • Modelling a consultancy practice: co-flows and employee experience
  • Modelling intangibles (e.g. employee morale, product desirability)
  • Modelling intangibles in practice: information delays and multi-attribute attractiveness functions
  • Creating appealing and flexible user interfaces

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Client endorsement

"We attended a bespoke three-day course and it helped us to lock down a number of questions about how to use the software, and we’re now very competent at extracting high value from this powerful tool. It was a very effective and well-structured course, I’d highly recommend it to others wanting to exploit the power within Powersim Studio."
Joel Tortolero, Modelling Specialist, BT