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Powersim creates powerful strategy-level simulations for executive teams who need visibility of their future performance and the controls they have over it.

Our enterprise simulations are used by blue-chip companies and government departments, both for one-off decision support and for ongoing strategic and tactical management of their organisations, products and commercial bids.

Together with our clients and often in collaboration with leading consultancies, we push new boundaries in the use of simulation to inform strategy development, tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of the client team.

Our simulation solutions help managers identify and exploit growth opportunities, design recovery plans and secure a sustainable future.

They uncover the hidden dynamics of the changing resources, both tangible and intangible, which over time determine the future outcomes for an organisation. Enabling a range of achievable future scenarios to be explored from the safety of the simulation, they allow preferred futures to be planned and then clearly and convincingly communicated to all stakeholders.

It's one thing to plan for growth, another to make it happen.

An informed plan for growth requires the firm's strategic resources – staff competence, product availability, delivery capacity, partners or agents – to come on stream in the right place at the right time. But it takes time to grow any of these resources, and their growth is usually interdependent. So a special kind of model – a dynamic enterprise simulation – is needed to determine when to invest, by how much and in which activity, so that everything comes together.

We are happy to discuss any kind of problem and offer ideas for how a dynamic simulation would generate new insights for you.

Over the years we have developed deep experience in a number of problem areas and have been able to create simulation solutions which support the development of evidence-based policy with limited customisation. We can provide these, ready-tailored to the specifics of your business, for you to use as an ongoing decision-support tool.

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