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We sell and service the world’s foremost dynamic simulation software platform in the UK. Powersim Studio allows system modellers and analysts to create robust, secure and accurate simulations of the systems in which they work. It’s also a platform that can be used by managers and executives to support the ever-complex decision-making processes of today.

It will allow a scalable and communicable solution to be developed through:

  • Design of visually-appealing interface technology for communicable models
  • A Windows™-style environment for enhanced user familiarity through standardised layout
  • In-design unit consistency checking for increased accuracy and robustness
  • Data integration to update and control model inputs
  • Advanced analysis and sensitivity tools for detailed dynamic analysis
  • Roll-out of simulations to clients for secure, protected and interface-controlled analysis

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"We need to package these analyses in a form that can be distributed across the business. Powersim Studio gives us the ability to wrap complex models in attractive user interfaces, and connect the models to the familiar Excel environment for input and output. We've been delighted with what we've been able to achieve with Powersim."