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We are the UK's leading experts in dynamic simulation and work directly for selected clients, providing a range of professional and training services to meet their business simulation requirements.

On a contracted day-rate basis we offer:

supportSupport services

Blue chip and specialist consultancies and major organisations come to us for professional support in the latest techniques in strategy simulation, from capturing the core dynamics of a complex problem, faithfully but without excess complexity, to bringing those dynamics to life to a non-technical executive audience.

Our professional support services help you get more value from your simulations and other business models. We provide:

Training services

Powersim runs in-depth, interactive training workshops to take consultants and industry managers to a range of levels of expertise in dynamic simulation. Our 'Practical Business Simulation for Consultants and Managers' workshop offers many benefits to both individuals and teams.

Delegates will leave the course with a firm grasp of how to conceptualise, design, create, test and deploy Powersim Studio simulations, together with increased awareness of the more detailed analysis features in the tool. We can also tailor the workshop to be run on a bespoke, in-house basis for high-powered teams. Read more

Management development

This simulation-assisted training course enables managers to understand, plan and communicate effectively through a specific simulated case study. Teams are provided with a 'current story' of the system in question and are given a series of events through time which they will have to manage. Their decisions are then run through the simulation model and the impact on their business is played out before their eyes.

The course is very effective at portraying the relationships between parameters, feedback loops, delays and external shocks to the system outside of their control. Discussions around the outcomes of decisions facilitate a highly valuable insight into how to create robust 'shock-proof' future plans.

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