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Powersim preferred partner programme

PartnersIf you use Powersim Studio with clients and colleagues and you feel that you may be able to influence others to become Powersim Studio users or Powersim Consulting clients then why not ask us about becoming a Powersim Preferred Partner?

The programme is structured to support you in developing expertise in, and growing the use of, Powersim Studio and the services we offer at Powersim for training, modelling and larger consultancy projects. Our modular solutions in a variety of industry sectors may be a key offering in a project you’re attempting to secure: by partnering with the experts, you can gain the edge you need over the competition. As a Powersim Preferred Partner, you can expect discounted Powersim Studio licences and training and modelling services for your clients. For larger-scale projects we offer introduction arrangements if you have a partnership idea with one of your clients.

Systems integrators

We work with leading systems integrators to implement and support the business simulation element of larger enterprise solutions. Our simulation expertise lies outside the core competences of most such firms, who find that by partnering with us they can deliver faster, more impressive and more robust solutions to their clients.

IT consultancies also find that by conducting the simulation element of their solution at an early phase of their client engagement, they capture the attention of the board and enable more meaningful discussions at a business level, leading to greater opportunities for IT, process and outsourcing work.


We create enterprise simulation solutions in partnership with selected SAP implementers, building a true simulation and what-if capability onto SAP applications. The Powersim Studio simulation platform benefits from built-in connectivity to SAP® through Powersim Software AS' partnership and ongoing collaboration in software development with SAP AG.

We can integrate enterprise simulations with SAP, both directly with the Business Warehouse and with SAP’s Strategic Enterprise Module (SAP® SEM®). This software connectivity enables us to create composite applications with SAP partners, taking advantage of SAP's Netweaver®-enabled Enterprise Services Architecture.

By exploiting this technology and our leading simulation capability, planners benefit from:

  • The latest developments in business simulation,
  • Point-and-click connection between a simulation model and data stored in their SAP®* application,
  • An intuitive presentation layer, making simulations easy to use even for non-modellers, and
  • A scaleable and distributable solution.

*SAP, SAP SEM and SAP Netweaver are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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